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10 budget friendly Outdoor furniture in UAE

Outdoor furniture in UAE

Finding the ideal outdoor furniture in UAE that fits your taste and budget is essential for converting your outside area into a fashionable and practical haven. At Urban Rattan, we recognize the value of establishing a warm outdoor space without going over budget.

We bring to you 5 luxurious and affordable outdoor furniture in UAE items in this in-depth guide that will improve your outdoor living experience in the UAE.

Urban Rattan Dining Set in Charming

Introducing the Charming urban Rattan Dining Set, a shining example of how classy style. And also affordable price points can coexist in perfect harmony. This dining set, which was meticulously made, combines endurance with aesthetic appeal. Its sturdy rattan construction offers sturdiness against the harsh weather conditions in the UAE. Ensuring that your investment will last for many years. The set, which consists of a large table and cozy chairs, is ideal for hosting outdoor gatherings of friends and family. Enjoy the beauty of this dining set, which combines design and usability in a seamless manner.

Urban Rattan Loveseat: A Relaxing Retreat

outdoor furniture in UAE
Looking for the best outdoor relaxation experience? We recommend our Cozy urban Rattan Loveseat. This loveseat is made to envelop you in comfort and strikes the perfect mix between comfort and cost. The finely woven rattan construction offers endurance against the weather in addition to adding a sense of natural charm to your room. This loveseat is made to offer unmatched comfort while easily fitting into your budget. Whether you’re relaxing alone with a nice book or having a wonderful chat with a loved one.

Rattan Daybed with Multiple Uses: Elegant Relaxation

Outdoor furniture in UAE

With our Versatile Rattan Daybed, indulge in the height of outdoor luxury. This multipurpose marvel reinvents outdoor relaxation. It functions as a stylish and cozy sofa during the day, ideal for soaking up the warmth of the sun. When night falls, the daybed turns into a roomy bed, giving you a prime spot to see the stars in the bright skies of the UAE. This daybed invites you to indulge in sumptuous relaxation without breaking the bank thanks to its beautiful rattan weaving and comfortable cushions.

Elegant Rattan Swing Chair: A Fun Find

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Our Stylish Rattan Swing Chair is the ideal option for anyone looking to add a dash of fun to their outdoor space. Suspend it from a sturdy tree branch or your porch to give a touch of magic to your surroundings. For years to come, you may sway your worries away thanks to the carefully selected rattan material, which guarantees both durability and attractiveness. This swing chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a doorway to peaceful and joyful times, all while staying within your means.

Rattan Bistro Set that Saves Space: Intimate Charm

Don’t allow a little area stop you from designing a comfortable outdoor refuge. Ingeniously created to add appeal and comfort to even the tiniest areas, our Space-Saving Rattan Bistro Set. This small set, which includes a pretty table and two seats, is ideal for your balcony or small area. You may enjoy your morning coffee or private discussions amidst the stunning landscape of the UAE thanks to the space-efficient design, which doesn’t sacrifice quality or aesthetics.

Lounge Chairs for outdoor furniture in UAE:

Outdoor furniture in UAE

Add to your moments of leisure with affordable rattan lounge chairs. These chairs offer both comfort and style, whether you’re lounging by the pool or reading a nice book on your terrace. Rattan furniture is lightweight and portable, easily adjusting to your outdoor demands.

Rattan benches

Outdoor Rattan benches provide a simple and reasonably priced sitting option for a variety of outdoor areas. These benches offer a charming space to enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether they are positioned on a garden path or beneath a tree. Rattan’s rustic beauty seamlessly melds with its surroundings.

Barstools made of rattan

Consider rattan bar stools to complete your outdoor bar or high table layout. You may enjoy beverages or nibbles outside without breaking the bank with these seats’ informal yet stylish vibe for your area.

Ottoman Chairs:

Urban rattan ottomans are a wise choice for adaptable sitting solutions. Can act as supplemental seating, footrests, or even temporary tables. They are portable and adaptable due to their small size and light weight.

Rattan couch Sets for Outdoor furniture in UAE:


Enjoy the charm of a comfortable lounging area with rattan couch sets that are reasonably priced. These sets often come with a sofa, chairs, and coffee table, creating a warm atmosphere for gathering with friends and family. Urban rattan is long-lasting and affordable outdoor furniture in UAE, making it ideal for individuals looking to furnish a warm outdoor refuge without going over their allocated spending limit.

Bar Sets for outdoor furniture in UAE:

Rattan bistro sets provide a cozy atmosphere for leisure and are ideal for small balconies or nooks. These charming two-seater setups are ideal for enjoying morning coffee or having private talks. These simple yet effective arrangements get complexity from the delicate weaving of urban rattan, enriching the overall outdoor experience.

Conclusion of outdoor furniture in UAE

With the help of Urban Rattan, you can turn your outdoor area into a haven of comfort and style without going over your budget. Our carefully chosen collection of low-cost outdoor furniture alternatives exemplifies the ideal marriage of quality and price. Each piece, from the charming rattan dining set’s timeless sophistication to the stylish rattan swing chair’s alluring attractiveness. Created to improve your outdoor living experience without sacrificing quality. With amazing Outdoor furniture in UAE from Urban Rattan, where value and beauty meet, elevate your environment right away.